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Choose Rapid and take your scale-up to new heights with our scalable Employer of Record Solution.

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How Rapid enables a competitive
edge for Scale-Ups

Harness the Cost Savings and Flexibility

With our pass-through taxation and ability to hire in multiple locations, you can expand your business while reducing overhead costs and maintaining compliance with ease.

Experience Zero Risk Compliance with Confidence

Our comprehensive solution ensures that all your HR processes, from employment contracts to benefits administration, are compliant, giving you the confidence to focus on growing your business.

Focus on Driving your Business Forward

We facilitate the expansion and growth of scale-ups by taking care of all your HR needs, we enable you to focus on your core business and pursue new opportunities with confidence.

Break free from borders and hire the best talent in India

Rapid takes care of cross- border onboarding, HR, payroll, taxes, contract generation, compliance, and more, empowering scale-ups to access India's top talent.

Simplify international hiring and payroll for your small business

Avoid worker misclassification pitfalls and hire confidently with Rapid. Our solution allows you to bypass the steep learning curve of navigating HR, benefits, tax, and payroll compliance in India.

Trust us to handle the intricate details of compliance

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