The Future of Work

Rapid is India’s #1 employer of record, helping you hire the best tech talent in the country.

With our deep expertise of 25+ years in India, we help minimise your legal risk by ensuring compliance with local laws. We also handle payroll, benefits, and tax compliance through our integrated HR platform.No hassles. No liabilities.
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About the eBook

The future of work is rapidly evolving, and nowhere is this change more pronounced than in the tech sector.

Tech founders, especially those based in the United States, increasingly seek to harness the immense talent pool that India offers without the hassles of keeping up with the compliance and labour laws specific to the country.

This is where the transformative role of employer of record (EOR) services like Rapid comes into play.

EORs offer a viable solution, acting as the legal employer for the staff you hire in India, which ensures that all local employment regulations are met, and you remain hassle-free.

For global tech founders, this means that you can have a dedicated, high-performing tech team in India, which feels culturally integrated and is compliant without setting up a legal entity.

This eBook will explore the complexities of India’s employment landscape and how an EOR can help you navigate it. You will also learn how to choose an EOR service to partner with in India. Lastly, you will understand how working with Rapid will help you expand your tech team in India with ease.
The Future of Work
Changing Landscape of EOR services