Hire & Pay Indian Talent Compliantly

We understand the Indian employment market like no other! If you’re looking for a simple, solution to pay talent in India, we can get the job done.  With over two decades of experience in the HR industry, we've developed the ultimate employment solution to simplify the way you handle your payroll processes.
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Integrate All Aspects Of Payroll In One Platform

With a streamlined payroll solution promptly disbursing salaries becomes easy. Focus on employee experience and growth.

Compliance Made Simple

Staying compliant with ever-changing tax laws and regulations can be daunting. We ensure your business remains compliant without any work.

Employee Self-Service

Empower your employees with self-service access. to view pay stubs, update personal information, and submit time-off requests.

Custom Reporting

Gain valuable insights into your payroll data with customizable reports. Make informed decisions to improve your business's financial health.

Secure Data Management

We take data security seriously. Our product employs robust security measures to protect sensitive payroll information, giving you peace of mind.

Ensure Accurate, Compliant Payroll All Over India

Our experts are always in the know when it comes to payrolling in India. Choosing Rapid means you are ensured of accurate, risk-free payrolling.

Work with experts in the Indian employment landscape

Don’t have in-house experts to handle payroll? Worry not. Our experts will ensure  employees onboarded on our Employer of Record are paid on-time.

Local compliance guaranteed

We also act as your compliance watchdog and ensure payrolling is compliant with local standards. With Rapid, employing and paying employees in India is a safe, stress-free affair.

Why Choose Rapid as your trusted payroll solution?

Experience Matters

Don’t have in-house experts to handle payroll? Worry not. Our experts will ensure  employees onboarded on our Employer of Record are paid on-time.

Zero-tolerance for risks and shortcuts

We take no shortcuts towards processing payroll. Whether it's monthly payments, ESOPs, bonuses, we guarantee on-time accurate on-time payments to the employee.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We're committed to staying ahead of the curve. Our product leverages the latest in technology, providing you with a secure, reliable, and user-friendly platform.

Customer-Centric Approach

Our dedicated support team is here to assist you every step of the way. We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients.


Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, our partnership can grow with your business. Our flexible solutions adapt to your changing needs.


We understand that every penny counts. Our competitive pricing ensures you get maximum value for your investment.

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In case you’re wondering…

Why is managing payroll important for international businesses?

One of the main concerns for foreign employers is compliantly accurately processing payroll when hiring in India. Laws and regulations around tax decision, employer-employee contributions, professional tax and other cess can stump even experienced employers. For example, employers must accurately process salaries accurately in times when the employee is eligible for tax rebates. These nuances, if violated, can lead to hefty penalties. 

What benefits can businesses expect from using our payroll service?

Accuracy, Compliance and On-time. We ensure your employees receive their salaries in-full and on-time. With experts over 25 years of experience in the HR industry, payroll processes are carried out in a professional manner.

Are there any hidden fees or additional costs involved?

Absolutely not! We strongly believe in fair and transparent pricing with no hidden fees ever. Many EoR platforms charge various operating, setup & administration fees on top of various markups on local benefits.

How do you ensure compliance with local payroll regulations?

Rapid team brings 25+ years of deep domain expertise in payroll, compliances, local benefits and legalities. Having worked with 750+ startups and handled over 200+ funding due diligences (including unicorns and soonicorns) Rapid ensures your next funding due diligence is completed in shortest time.

What measures do you take to secure payroll data?

 At Rapid , we understand that your data is important to you, and we take great care to protect it. We use a variety of security measures to keep your data safe, including:

Data encryption: All data is encrypted at rest and in transit, meaning it is unreadable to anyone without the proper encryption keys.
Role-based access control (RBAC): Only authorized employees have access to your data, and their access is limited to the specific data they need to do their jobs.
Audit logging: All access to your data is logged, so we can track who has accessed your data and when. This helps us to identify and investigate any suspicious activity.

Pay your Indian talent - locally, compliantly and easily

Rapid’s payroll is comprehensive, accurate, and compliant so that global employers can pay their Indian employees on time — every time.

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Integrate all aspects of payroll in one platform

Simple & intuitive dashboard

A dashboard to roll out offer letters, onboard, conduct BGV, manage payroll and approve exits. Get custom reports around salaries, expenses, leaves, assets, etc.

Leave & expense management

Easily approve and track all your employee expenses. Get a team calendar view to manage employee leaves and holidays for seamless business continuity.

Salary revisions and bonuses

Manage salary revisions, performance incentives, referral bonuses or any other special payouts easily.

ESOPs and customized local benefits

Award & manage stock options compliantly. Customize A-class benefits like health insurance, welcome kits, & festive gifts.

Why choose Rapid as your trusted payroll solution?

Experts to handle payroll for you

With 25 years of expertise in the payroll industry, we understand the unique challenges that businesses like yours face.

Timely & accurate payroll processing

With our deep local expertise, you are assured of accurate payroll processing on time, every time, + compliance with local laws and taxes.

Zero time spent on payroll queries

Free up your bandwidth for core tasks as our experts take care of your employees’ payroll queries.

Forget about tax declarations & proofs

Our system handles employees’ tax declarations and proofs on autopilot while our experts conduct detailed audits to ensure compliance — without any effort from you.

Pay employees in local currency

You pay in your base currency, and Rapid pays employees in Indian currency. Save thousands of dollars on forex.

Pay on-time, everytime. Speak to our experts.

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