Compliantly onboard your India team

without a local entity in < 5 minutes

Rapid is your Employer of Record (EoR) handling payroll, local benefits & compliances with zero employee liabilities on you.

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Trusted by funded startups

Why Rapid

Compliance-first Approach

Close your next fundraise at least 30% faster with our guaranteed compliant solution.

Set up in-person, hybrid or remote teams

Hire an office space anywhere in India quickly & seamlessly. Don't limit to just remote teams.

Experience Controls Like Your Own Entity

Customize policies, practices & benefits to extend YOUR brand experience to the India team.

Employment and HR Compliance in India made easy

Take your mind away from compliance. Hire in India without zero risks.

One Platform To Manage Indian Employees

Offer letter rollout, onboarding, leave & expense management, performance appraisals, bonuses & raises, background checks, health insurance, welcome kits, offboarding or terminations - everything in a single platform.

Asset Management & Movement

Seamlessly procure, manage and move laptops and other equipment from anywhere to anywhere in India.

Award ESOPs & Stock options, the right way

With our compliant workflows, you can now award, implement, monitor, exercise or give exit for stock options to your India team with confidence.

Frictionless Employee Payments in Indian Currency

With one-click payroll processing, receive a single invoice in your currency, and Rapid will pay your team in local currency.

Rapid redefines how global companies expand their talent footprint into India

Navigate India's employment landscape smoothly as we help you save on costs and set up your team faster.

Access Our Unique Services Marketplace

We’ve curated a marketplace for employers to access recruiters, office space vendors,  immigration lawyers, custom clearing agents etc. to serve all your EoR needs.

Avail Pass-Through  Tax Benefits

With our specially designed structure, save at least 18%  on all your nonsalary expenses like rents, asset purchases, gifts etc.

Hire At Fractional Costs

Rapid saves you thousands of dollars monthly on your operating costs & taxes compared to owning an entity.

Security & Privacy

Our systems are secured and scalable with serious privacy controls that comply with the best global standards like GDPR, CCPA, and DPR.

How it Works?

Discover how Rapid can help you streamline onboarding, compliance, and payroll for your international team in just a few steps.

What you have to do:

  • Identify talent
  • Leave & expense management
  • Performance appraisals
  • Employee exit approvals

What we will take care of:

  • Onboard employees
  • Background verification
  • Administer local benefits like health insurance
  • Running payroll & payments
  • Compliance with local laws & taxes
  • Payments in local currency

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