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Don’t let decision-making boggle you down. Let us save you precious time and reveal why we stand tall amidst the competition, and why we're the perfect match for your business in India.
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Why Rapid Beats the Competition in India?

Lightning-Fast Onboarding

Rapid's streamlined onboarding process gets your new hires up and running in record time, ensuring they hit the ground running on day one!

Global Service, Local Touch

We are not just another faceless service provider. With a deep expertise in India, Rapid combines a global service approach with local expertise, ensuring compliance and seamless operations wherever your business takes you!

Unbeatable Cost Efficiency

Forget about hidden fees and surprise expenses. Rapid offers transparent pricing and unbeatable value for your money. Boost your bottom line while getting top-notch talent on board.

Compliance Superheroes

Compliance matters, and we take it seriously. With Rapid, you can sleep soundly knowing your employment contracts, payroll, and tax responsibilities are in the hands of our compliance superheroes.

Advanced HR Tech at Your 

Stay ahead of the curve with Rapid's user-friendly platform empowers you to manage your workforce efficiently, saving you time and resources for what truly matters—growing your business!

Dedicated Support, Always

We don't believe in automated responses and generic helplines. At Rapid, you get a dedicated support team that's ready to tackle any questions or concerns you have, providing real-time assistance to keep your business on track.

Compare and Conquer

Let's go head-to-head with the competition and find out
India focused EOR platform
Deep local expertise in India
Buy laptops
Custom local benefits
Custom leave policies & holiday calendar
Custom brand work culture
Services Marketplace- Access highly vetted vendors for end to end experience
Migrate contractors 
to employees
Freedom from FEMA woes for Indian founders with global HQ
Asset management 
& movement
Import/ export equipments & accessories for business purposes
Fair & transparent price
Recruitment Firms
Office Space Providers
Immigration Specialists
Employee Rewards Specialists
Employee Perks and Benefits Consultants
EOR platform
Freelancer Payments
Enterprise Grade Data Protection
GDPR Compliant
Starting at $299/month or $199/ month for annual plans
$49 per contractor per month
Starts at $599 per employee per month
$49 per contractor per month
Complex pricing model
No freelancer / contractor solutions available
Starting at $699/monthly or $599/annually per employee.
$29 per contractor per month
Starts at $300 per employee per month
$40 per contractor per month

Don't gamble with your company's success?

Choose Rapid as your Employer of Record services partner.
Unlock the full potential of your workforce, eliminate administrative 
headaches, and conquer the Indian market like never before.

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