The Gig Economy and Employer of Record

Rapid is India’s #1 employer of record, helping you hire the best tech talent in the country.

With our deep expertise of 25+ years in India, we help minimise your legal risk by ensuring compliance with local laws. We also handle payroll, benefits, and tax compliance through our integrated HR platform.No hassles. No liabilities.
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About the eBook

In the evolving landscape of the global gig economy, many US tech founders are eyeing India's vast pool of tech talent. As an employer of record (EOR) with 25 years of experience in India, we've witnessed firsthand the seismic shifts in employment trends. Increasingly, professionals prefer project-based, freelance roles over traditional full-time positions. This burgeoning independent contractor model offers flexibility, but also brings a set of complexities, especially when dealing with cross-border employment regulations.

For US tech companies aiming to set up teams in India, navigating India's intricate employment laws, cultural nuances, and compliance requirements can be daunting. This is where an experienced EOR becomes invaluable. We handle the legal and administrative burdens, ensuring that your independent contractors are compliant with local laws, while you focus on harnessing the best of India's tech prowess.

As the gig economy thrives, partnering with a seasoned EoR ensures seamless transitions, legal safety, and optimal productivity for your tech ventures in India. Embrace the future of work with confidence.
The Future of Work
Changing Landscape of EOR services