Remote vs Multiplier

How do Remote and Multiplier compare? And what does Rapid EOR offer?
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Remote and Multiplier offer effective solutions for global employee onboarding. While Remote provides strength lies in payrolling and contractor management, Multiplier specializes in offering a superior HRMS across multiple countries and sports a highly user friendly platform. However, Remote's customization options might be limited, unlike Multiplier's automation, ensuring seamless scalability as businesses grow. Both platforms streamline operations but prioritize different aspects, with Remote focusing on remote work facilitation and Multiplier emphasizing payroll automation for efficiency.
But that changes with Rapid. Rapid is your Employer of Record (EoR) handling payroll, local benefits & compliances with zero employee liabilities on you, while ensuring you experience control over your employees like employing them through your own entity. Our compliance-first Approach is protects companies of all sizes and particularly helps startups close their fundraises at least 30% faster.
Learn why Rapid is the ideal choice for your needs, including a comparison of Multiplier vs Remote's advantages and disadvantages.

So what are these?

What is Remote?

Remote's Employer of Record (EOR) service allows companies to hire employees in countries without a legal entity. Acting as the official employer, Remote handles payroll, benefits, and compliance, simplifying global expansion and hiring processes.

What is Multiplier?

Multiplier automates payroll processes across multiple countries, offering streamlined solutions for efficient payroll management. It empowers users to automate complex payroll tasks, ensuring accuracy and compliance while scaling seamlessly with business growth.

Remote vs Multiplier vs Rapid

India focused EOR platform
Deep local expertise in India
Buy laptops
Custom local benefits
Custom leave policies & holiday calendar
Custom brand work culture
Services Marketplace- Access highly vetted vendors for end to end experience
Migrate contractors 
to employees
Freedom from FEMA woes for Indian founders with global HQ
Asset management 
& movement
Import/ export equipments & accessories for business purposes
Fair & transparent price
Recruitment Firms
Office Space Providers
Immigration Specialists
Employee Rewards Specialists
Employee Perks and Benefits Consultants
EOR platform
Starting at $699/monthly or $599/annually per employee.
Starts at $300 per employee per month
Starting at $299/month or $199/ month for annual plans
Freelancer Payments
$29 per contractor per month
$40 per contractor per month
$49 per contractor per month
Enterprise Grade Data Protection
GDPR Compliant

Enterprise security out of the box

SOC 2, GDPR, and more

Rapid maintains SOC 2 and ISO 27001 compliance

End-to-end encryption

An all-in-one customer service platform that helps you balance everything your customers need to be happy.

Compliant from the get-go

Choose where to host our app, fully hosted on our servers or self-hosted in your VPC.

Trust us to handle the intricate details of compliance

Contact us today to ensure compliance every step of the way

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