Hiring the Best Angular Developers in India 2024

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Today, dynamic and responsive web applications provide users with a more engaging and interactive experience. Angular JS is one of the most popular and influential technologies in web development. Tech giants like Microsoft and Samsung using Angular highlight its solid reputation.

With its rich history and continuous updates, this framework serves as a versatile tool and remains a top choice for developers who want to build modern and advanced applications.

With Angular being one of the top five most widely used frameworks by developers worldwide, the need for the best Angular developers is on the rise.

Are you looking to hire Angular developers in India? This article has an extensive guide that covers everything you need to know about hiring  Angular developers in India.

Why Should You Hire App Developers from India?

Ease of hiring

India boasts a vast pool of highly skilled developers. There are more than 5 million software developers. So you can find highly skilled professionals in India to fulfil your project requirements without sweat.

How supportive are the labour laws in the country?

India's labour laws are generally supportive of both employers and employees. In particular, the Indian government provides immense support to their IT sector by easing taxes and other regulations under the Information Technology Act 2000 and it keeps updating its friendly laws.

There are no communication barriers

With India being one of the largest English-speaking countries globally, you won't have to deal with any communication barriers. So rest assured, there will be smooth collaboration and an understanding of project requirements.

Less legal processing is involved

Hiring developers from India involves simpler legal processes than in many other countries. The Indian government's regulations for foreign companies hiring Indian employees are straightforward. 


Indian developers offer competitive rates without compromising on quality. As per a recent report, 83% of Indian professionals have planned to upskill against the global average of 74%. The best part is that such a resourceful talent pool proves 40% more cost-effective than US, UK, Australian, and South African talents. So, this cost advantage helps stretch your project budget further, allowing for additional features or investments elsewhere.

Top Indian Cities to Hire Angular Developers 

Several cities in India stand out as hotspots for hiring Angular developers. Some of them are listed below:

Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, is home to multiple tech companies, startups and IT parks. It boasts a vast pool of skilled Angular developers. Chennai is the leading IT destination in South India, where you can access talented Angular developers.

Mumbai, besides being known as India's financial capital, is also a hub for IT and software development companies, offering a competitive market for hiring Angular developers.

Noida and Greater Noida have witnessed rapid growth in the IT sector, making them attractive locations for hiring Angular developers.

Pune is yet another major IT hub in India, renowned for its strong presence in software development and engineering services. It offers a diverse talent pool of Angular developers and a favourable business environment.

Hyderabad has emerged as a prominent destination for hiring Angular developers with its rapidly growing IT sector and abundance of technical institutions.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Hiring the Best Angular Developers from India in 2024 

With India being a hub for skilled IT professionals, tapping into this talent pool can be highly advantageous. However, since Angular is booming at a fast pace, the market is filled with Angular developers offering their services in different work models.

So, hiring the right Angular developer can be a hassle. To help you out, we have given you a practical, step-by-step guide.

Step 1: First, define your requirements clearly.

If you have decided to hire an Angular developer, write down your requirements. 

Only when you have the essential project elements can you acquire insights into the necessary developer proficiency level (junior, mid-level, or senior) and the rationale behind it. 

What level of expertise are you looking for in Angular developers? Are you planning to develop a new application or update an existing one?

Define your budget, the deadline for the application's development and the expected duration of the hiring process.

These questions help you define your project requirements.

Step 2: Select the hiring model.

Once your project goals are defined, opt for the hiring model to hire Angular developers in India. Choose between independent hiring, outsourcing, or a vendor's services. If you have budget constraints or are hiring for smaller projects, choose freelancers.

Step 3: Evaluate the staffing needs for developers.

How many Angular developers are required for your project? As a rule of thumb, the more developers you onboard, the more you can ensure the project's timely completion.

It's best that you hire dedicated Angular developers prior to project initiation. This helps optimise timelines and costs; hiring mid-project can incur additional time and expenses.

Step 4: Create a job description.

Creating a detailed job description that outlines the responsibilities, required skills, experience level, and any additional preferences is crucial to shortlisting the right candidate. Clearly communicate your project's objectives and the type of candidate you are seeking.

Step 5: Screen the ideal candidates.

Review resumes and portfolios to shortlist potential candidates who meet your criteria. Schedule in-depth interviews with the shortlisted candidates and assess their level of expertise. Examine the types of web and mobile apps that have been previously developed.

Step 6: Choose the candidate and establish an agreement.

Once you have identified the ideal candidate, initiate negotiations regarding terms of employment, including compensation, work arrangements, project expectations, and timelines, and establish an agreement. Finally, facilitate a smooth onboarding process for the newly hired Angular developer.

Platforms Where You Can Find the Best Angular Developers in India 

If you are hiring freelance Angular developers, you can check out hiring platforms such as LinkedIn, Clutch, and Upwork.

Looking to hire Angular developers for large-scale or complex Angular development projects? Hiring Angular development services or agencies is essential. Because they often have teams with diverse skill sets. 

Factors To Consider When Hiring Angular Developers in India

When hiring Angular developers in India, there are several factors to consider to ensure you find the right fit for your team.

Portfolio and experience

Look for developers with a solid portfolio showcasing their past Angular development projects. Because experience matters, especially when it comes to handling complex Angular applications. Check if they have worked on projects similar to yours and if they have tackled challenges relevant to your needs.

Assess their skills

Whether you are looking for an Angular, React, or Vue.js developer, Angular developers must have the following:

  • Expertise in Core Javascript, CSS and HTML
  • Experience with RESTful API interaction
  • Mastered the Angular Framework, 
  • Have experience with the RESTful API interaction.
  • Have expertise in technologies like Node and Webpack.

These are essential skills to check while hiring skilled Angular developers to ensure they can handle complex projects.

Hiring goals

As mentioned earlier, clearly define your hiring goals. 

  • Are you looking for a long-term addition to your team or a freelancer for a specific, short project? Freelancers or independent contractors are the best if you want to hire someone for a short project. Permanent employees are the best if it's a big-budget project with long-term goals.
  • What's the experience that an Angular developer should possess?

  • Does your project need an in-house developer or a remote developer?

  • What's your budget?

  • What number of developers do you want to hire?

  • Your commitment to expanding in India

Audit your own hiring goals based on these factors, as it helps find developers who align with your requirements and expectations.

What employee benefits do developers expect?

Developers in India, like anywhere else, expect certain benefits as part of their employment package. These may include health insurance, paid time off, flexible working hours, and opportunities for skill development or training. As you already know, there's a huge war for talent. If you want to attract top talent, foster loyalty, and provide competitive benefits,.


Ensure clarity on payment terms and methods. Whether you are hiring directly or through a staffing agency, transparent payrolling practices are crucial. Not just developers; be it any work, the concerned would expect timely and fair compensation for their work.

Labour Laws in India

Foreign companies planning to establish themselves in India must understand the country's multiple federal labour laws and locally enacted laws with respect to the state's, industry's, and organisation's size.

Familiarising yourself with labour laws and regulations in India, especially concerning employment contracts, working hours, leave policies, and termination procedures can greatly help. Adhering to these laws not only ensures legal compliance but also promotes a healthy work environment.

The 3 Ways Foreign Employers Can Hire Developers In India

Remember, each approach has its upsides and downsides. So, assess project needs and long-term goals carefully and choose the most suitable hiring strategy for your specific requirements.

Setting up an entity

As a foreign employer, you can establish a legal entity or branch office in India and directly hire Angular developers as full-time employees under Indian labour laws. This option gives you more control and integration with the local workforce. However, you must navigate the legal and administrative processes.

Hiring Angular developers as contractors

If you want more flexibility and agility, hire Angular developers in India as independent contractors or freelancers. This way, you can scale your workforce based on project requirements. However, it may lack the long-term commitment and control that full-time employment has.

Relocating employees to your base country

Another option is to relocate Indian developers to your country. For instance, if you are a US-based employer, hire Angular developers in India and relocate them to your company in the US. While this option has its benefits, it requires significant investment in immigration procedures and may face regulatory hurdles. Consider this option if you have a long-term project and a fatter budget.

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