How to Find and Hire Skilled Developers in India

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India is predicted to take over the United States as the country with the highest software developer population by 2024 with 5.2 million software developers. The high salaries and startup ecosystem along with the global boom of the IT industry make software development a lucrative career option. 

It’s not surprising that India stands first in outsourcing IT services. Sound technical knowledge, high proficiency in English and strong technical skills combined with cost-effective services have created a surge in demand to hire Indian software developers.

Foreign companies that want to hire developers in India have to first set up a legal entity, which is time-consuming. Next, they need support for hiring and need to understand the payroll and benefits as per the local laws. However, partnering with an EOR like Rapid with deep local expertise can speed up your search to find developers in India. 


Let’s take a closer look at the steps involved in hiring developers from India

Types of Developers in India

To hire developers in India, one must know the key differences between the different streams of software development.

  1. AI/ML developers: Machine learning (ML) engineers are highly skilled professionals who build AI systems that work with large data sets to research, create and develop algorithms. They evaluate and organise data, set up tests and experiments and monitor and optimise ML processes to develop robust systems. India leads in AI skill penetration and concentration of talent, so hiring developers from India is a wise choice.
  1. Full-stack developers: They have a wide skill set that covers all aspects of website or application development. They have knowledge of front-end and back-end processes and designing the entire interface of a website or application. Companies prefer to hire full-stack developers as it reduces the costs of hiring multiple developers for different tech stacks.  
  1. Front-end developers: They build the front of websites and applications. They also create the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), which will interact with the target audience. 
  1. Back-end developers: They maintain the server-side functions of running a website/application. They also handle large amounts of data and its storage and retrieval. They are skilled in Java, Python, C#, Ruby, SQL and more. 
  1. Mobile app developers: They use programming languages to create, test and develop applications for mobile devices and other smart applications. India’s app development market costs are lower in comparison to American and European markets, so many companies are looking to hire Indian software developers. 

Steps to Hire a Developer in India 

Follow these steps to hire software developers in India: 

  1. Identify Your Needs

Figure out the type of developer you want to hire. Do you need Web 2.0 developers for interactivity and collaboration or Web 3.0 programmers that build and interact with blockchain technology? 

Next, create a relevant job posting. A Web 3.0 developer must be able to operate new tools and technologies and have experience as a full-stack developer. Spend some time listing the requirements. 

To hire Indian software developers, your job description must include the following:

  • Educational qualifications 
  • Years of experience
  • Coding languages 
  • Programming skill set 
  • Daily work tasks 
  1. Look for Qualified Candidates

Post on relevant job boards to attract potential candidates. Naukri, Glassdoor, Indeed and Upwork are popular job portals in the country. For networking and interactive onboarding, try LinkedIn and social media platforms. 

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) are also popularly used to source candidates and screen resumes. Some companies even hire recruitment agencies to find high-quality technical talent. 

  1. Conduct Technical Interviews

The interview process to hire developers in India includes a preliminary technical interview and a coding test to determine skill sets and work styles. 

Ask the candidates to explain technical concepts about programming, data management tools, debugging and the scope of the software they’re expected to work with.

Proceed to coding tests to identify expertise in various coding languages. Quiz the candidate to solve an issue with the code. 

It is advisable to conduct these coding tests live or via video call to observe the candidate’s working style.

  1. Evaluate Communication and Soft Skills

When you hire software engineers from India, evaluate their communication skills so they can be a part of the larger team based abroad. 

Although developers spend a lot of time in front of machines, they must have the following soft skills: 

  • Patience 
  • Open-mindedness
  • Critical thinking 
  • Problem-solving attitude
  • Time management
  • Collaborative approach 
  • Adaptability

You can pose questions like:

  • “Describe a situation when you collaborated on a project but it went wrong. How did you fix the errors?” 
  • “What do you do outside of work hours to become a better developer?”
  1. Check References and Background

When hiring for technical roles, verify the candidate’s certifications and past experience. 

While doing this yourself in a different country can be a hassle, an EOR like Rapid can assist you. Through a tie-up with SpringVerify, Rapid offers three tiers of background checks for the different levels of scrutiny required by different companies. 

Valid references and background checks ensure a secure workplace. 

Different Hiring Models for Developers in India 

Companies wanting to hire developers from India should know about the different hiring models. When a company hires a worker, they must be classified correctly as either employees or contractors with the proper documentation and following the applicable laws.

Employee misclassification occurs when an employer assigns an incorrect status to employees, whether by mistake or intentionally. It attracts heavy penalties and fines, and employers are liable to pay back wages and benefits to compensate for the loss due to the misclassification. Also, employers can be sued by employees or labour unions affected by the misclassification. 

To avoid giving a wrong designation to your potential candidate, let’s understand the common hiring models: 

  1. Freelance Developers

A freelance developer works project-wise for different clients, undertaking several projects in a year. They are self-employed programmers who offer their services and work on a contract basis on different projects. The hours of work and payment scale may vary with projects. 

  1. Dedicated Developers

Dedicated developers collaborate with their clients on a long-term basis. It is like having an in-house team which works like your employees, but on a particular project. 

To hire Indian software developers on a full-time basis, an EOR like Rapid can take care of onboarding, health insurance, background verification and compliance management at a fraction of the cost of setting up one’s own legal entity. Moreover, companies have the freedom to implement their own company culture including salary structures and leave policies. 

  1. Project-based developers

A project-based developer is similar to a freelancer, but they work on a dedicated project for the employer. Businesses wanting to expand and take on new projects  can hire experienced developers on a project basis. This model is ideal if you have a limited budget. 

Platforms to Hire Developers in India 

80% of US and European firms prefer India as their top destination to outsource their software development requirements. 

If you want to find developers in India, the following platforms can help. 

  1. Github: It is the largest online community of software developers where they write and review code, build software, and manage projects. 
  1. It is a platform that helps businesses hire developers, either full-time or freelance. The approximately 20,000 developers are vetted through code exercises and endorsements from previous employers before being allowed on Gun. Thus, businesses can be sure of their antecedents. 
  1. Wellfound (formerly AngelList Talent): It is a platform that matches startups, angel investors, and software developers. The user interface is a lot like social media and candidates can find job posts by companies quickly and easily.
  1. Stack Overflow: It is a popular platform that hosts both developers and industry leaders and enables them to exchange their knowledge and experiences. Companies can post job advertisements on the job board and hire developers. The platform also organises enterprise solutions for companies for a fee.
  1. Dice: It is a dedicated job board for tech talent. The “for employers” section can be used to either post a job advertisement or browse through the resumes of 2.2 M developers globally. 

While every platform guarantees lower costs to hire Indian software developers, the investment required will depend on the kind of services and models you choose.  

Hire Software Developers With Rapid

Given the rise in demand and growing talent pool in India, the market is competitive for hiring Indian software developers. An EOR can help you  find developers in India. Instead of taking on the hassle and expense of setting up a legal business in the country, it makes sense to partner with an EOR service. 

Rapid offers end-to-end cost-effective, agile and flexible solutions for setting up your tech team in India. It enables digital onboarding, payroll and employee benefits, contract management and compliance management. Through its service marketplace that includes a network of recruiters, Rapid helps you hire high-quality tech talent.

Schedule a demo call today to partner with Rapid to hire developers in India. 

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