Benefits of Using an Employer of Record Service

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Hiring and managing a global workforce can be challenging, regardless of experience level or international experience. It can get daunting, especially when dealing with various employment laws, tax regulations and administrative tasks across multiple countries. According to CFO Research, 51% of respondents reported that legal, HR or tax compliance challenges have been substantial barriers to implementing their international strategy. That’s where an Employer of Record (EOR) steps in. 

An Employer of Record (EOR) is a third-party organisation that acts as a bridge connecting you to international talent pools while also handling all the administrative HR tasks involved in the process on behalf of the companies. EOR has the expertise to handle everything, from ensuring labour laws are followed to handling payroll and benefits for your overseas staff. 

A global EOR brings a wealth of expertise and resources, helping you confidently navigate international expansion. They serve as your trusted advisor, offering insights and guidance every step of the way. In this blog post, let’s understand how beneficial an EOR is and why you must get it.

Benefits of Partnering with an EOR

Managing your workforce becomes simpler when you partner with an Employer of Record. Here are 9 important benefits of EOR explained:

1. Rapid Employee Onboarding

When expanding your business into new countries and markets, onboarding employees can be complicated and time-consuming. Using an employer of record can streamline onboarding and allow your company to quickly and easily add new employees. 

With its expertise in local regulations and compliance requirements, EORs can efficiently onboard new employees without building and managing these systems in-house. EOR has well-established systems and processes that take care of administrative tasks like background checks and complete necessary documentation promptly. It ensures that the onboarding experience meets employees' needs, providing personalised support throughout the process. This significantly reduces the time and effort required for onboarding new hires, allowing companies to focus on their core business objectives. 

2. Eliminating Multiple Partners

Relying on various providers for services like payroll processing, benefits administration and compliance management in each country or jurisdiction can lead to communication gaps, discrepancies, delays and potential errors. 

EORs like Rapid centralize all these functions under one roof, encompassing a comprehensive suite of services within a unified framework. This simplifies communication, reduces administrative overhead and minimises the risk of coordination issues or conflicting information. With EOR being the single point of contact, there is often less bureaucracy and better accountability. In fact, businesses can easily track and manage their workforce-related activities, ensuring transparency in their global HR operations. 

3. Risk Mitigation in Global Employment

Hiring global talents also involves handling labour laws, tax laws and employment mandates that vary from country to country. Non-compliance with employment laws can cause hefty fines and legal troubles and damage your company’s reputation.

The EORs are experts in deciphering the intricacies of local employment regulations, ensuring that your hiring practices, payroll procedures and benefits packages align with the current laws in every country. They also stay updated with regulatory changes and keep your business on the right side of the law, minimising the risk of penalties and legal entanglements. 

4. Enhanced Transparency Through SaaS-Based EORs

Need to check if your employee’s payroll has been processed for the month? Want to check your compliance status with the employment laws in India? It can be done in just a few clicks!

SaaS-based Employer of Record provides real-time visibility through global workforce management. It has a user-friendly dashboard where you can track your employees’ payroll processing and compliance status and manage HR tasks just with a few clicks. It automates and streamlines administrative tasks, eliminating the risk of manual errors. With SaaS-based EORs, you can monitor, strategize and make informed decisions then and there.

5. Cost Reduction

Creating a legal entity can be expensive in terms of infrastructure and legal fees, as well as the time and money needed to learn the labour and tax codes in the area. When hiring employees from India or the global market, EORs can help slash operational costs and save you from the hefty expenses of setting up and maintaining international legal entities. 

EOR providers act as third-party employers, taking care of HR administrative tasks and eliminating the need for in-house HR for these functions. Moreover, SaaS-based EORs streamline and automate repetitive tasks like employee onboarding, compliance tracking and data management. This enhances accuracy and significantly reduces operational expenses over time.

6. Visa and Work Permit Assistance

Employers of Record (EORs) have the knowledge to assist individuals in obtaining visas and work permits in different jurisdictions. They are well-versed in immigration laws, regulations and local requirements, making the process of obtaining these legal documents much smoother. They verify eligibility and documentation requirements, reducing the risk of delays or rejections. 

EORs like Rapid provide support throughout the entire visa and work permit application journey for employees to work in India. Rapid also assists in securing flexible workplace solutions, including office spaces for rent, to accommodate the diverse needs of their clients' expanding workforce. EORs streamline international relocations, reducing uncertainties and simplifying procedures

7. Helps with Offering Competitive Benefits Packages

EOR assists in creating competitive benefits packages that cater to global employees' needs and expectations, allowing companies to attract and retain top talent. With its expertise in industry standards, emerging trends and best practices in employee benefits – it ensures that the client remains competitive. 

EORs like Rapid provide competitive and localised benefits plans tailored to your Indian workforce. This means you can offer attractive employee benefits packages, enhancing employee satisfaction and retention, all through a single partner, instead of dealing with multiple vendors. Administering benefits becomes a complex task when managing a global workforce. EORs offer several benefits, such as alleviating the administrative burden on employers and enhancing employee experience.

8. Offers Scalability

Scalability is a crucial factor for a successful business. EOR offers a scalable solution that can be adjusted according to the company's needs. Whether stepping into new markets or signing up for short-term contracts, businesses can easily change their workforce size or locations without major hurdles. With an EOR, businesses can grow or shrink their workforce as needed without worrying about administrative complexities. 

9. Ensure Accurate and Timely Payments 

EORs ensure your company is always up-to-date on payroll tax functions. Employees get paid promptly and accurately in their respective currencies, regardless of geographical location. In addition to handling payments, EORs take care of all statutory deductions. This involves managing and deducting taxes, social security contributions and other mandatory withholdings according to the specific regulations of each country or region. Their in-depth understanding of local employment laws and regulations removes the burden of managing companies' payroll compliance. 

Rapid simplifies the process of paying your employees in Indian currency on payday. With a streamlined process, you receive a single invoice and make a single payment, eliminating the hassle of managing multiple transactions in different currencies.

Differences Between Legacy EORs and SaaS-Based EORs 

When should you consider an EOR?

EORs emerge as a strategic solution under the following circumstances.

Expanding globally without a legal entity

When a company plans to expand its operations in a new country or market, building a legal entity there will be time-consuming and expensive. In such cases, EORs can be a suitable solution. EORs promote compliant employment by serving as the legal employer and handling payroll, taxes and regulatory compliance. This arrangement allows businesses to operate in foreign markets swiftly, bypassing the need to establish legal entities.

Retaining employees who relocate

When companies need to relocate existing employees to international locations, engaging an EOR simplifies the transition. This allows employees to focus on their roles without the burden of navigating complex legal and administrative procedures in a new country. Additionally, EORs ensure that relocated employees receive consistent support and adherence to employment standards across different locations.

Entering new markets or executing short-term projects

If your business is entering new, unfamiliar markets, an EOR can be your solution to make a quick and efficient entry point. When venturing into a new market, you encounter diverse legal, regulatory and cultural landscapes. EORs can handle all the legal and administrative challenges related to laws, taxes, benefits and compliance.  Whether it is a short-term project or a temporary bond, EORs can help companies scale their workforce up or down in response to changing business needs. This approach smoothens your market entry, reducing the legal and regulatory risks in new territories.

The Strategic Advantage of EOR Services

Partnering with an EOR is like having a smart guide on your journey through the global market. It is an efficient and quick alternative to the traditional route of setting up business entities in foreign countries. By entrusting an EOR, companies can redirect their energy towards their core business activities rather than complex legal and administrative hurdles. This streamlined approach ensures that valuable time and resources are used efficiently.

Moreover, the benefits of selecting the right EOR cannot be overstated. It's like finding the perfect teammate who understands your goals and knows the field inside out. A trustworthy EOR helps companies follow employment laws and also manage risks.

A right EOR empowers businesses to expand their horizons and confidently seize opportunities.

Why Choose Rapid as Your EOR?

An EOR like Rapid is a one-stop solution for businesses wanting to hire and manage a workforce from India. With over 20+ years of experience in the Indian market, Rapid can help you recruit and manage skilled remote teams in India while adhering to local regulatory requirements. 

Range of Services: With Rapid, you can access a comprehensive suite of services tailored to your hiring needs. Whether you require a freelancer, a contractor or a full-timer, we can assist you with everything. Rapid offers an integrated HR platform that covers all aspects of HR operations. From onboarding, payroll management and managing expenses and leaves to time sheets and benefits administration, this platform provides a streamlined experience for employers.

Flexible and Scalable: Rapid offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability for businesses seeking talent from India. Whether hiring one employee or building a team, our services adapt to your needs, ensuring a seamless hiring process that aligns with your growth trajectory.

Frictionless Payouts: Eliminate unnecessary complexities in cross-border transactions with Rapid and pay your Indian employees in Indian currency.

Reliability: Our local expertise and deep understanding of Indian employment regulations ensure compliance and peace of mind for your business. With Rapid, you can rest assured that your operations are in capable hands, allowing you to focus on your core objectives without worrying about legal or administrative complexities.

Customer Support: Our team is committed to understanding your requirements and providing personalised assistance whenever needed. From initial consultations to ongoing support, we're here to ensure your experience with Rapid is smooth and satisfying.

Count on Rapid as your trusted partner for all your EOR needs in India. Book a demo here.

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