19 Best PEO Services of 2023

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Tired of looking for the best professional employer organisation (PEO) for your business? 

With an ROI of 27.2% in cost savings, PEOs are one of the preferred solutions for businesses without HR staff. Partnering with a PEO provider has other advantages, too: lower employee turnover, higher employee and revenue growth and better employee benefit offerings. 

But with many options available, picking the right PEO provider is tedious!

In this guide, we'll help you find the best solution to boost HR productivity and effectively manage your HR operations. 

What are PEO Services?

A PEO supports businesses by taking charge of their HR functions. It offers the knowledge and expertise to manage HR-related risks and compliance concerns while ensuring a seamless HR journey for the company.

Essentially, it is a full-service human resource outsourcing company that works by creating a co-employment arrangement with a company.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

The terms PEO and EOR are often used interchangeably but they have different meanings. Whereas a PEO acts as a co-employer, an EOR takes over as the legal employer of the company’s distributed workforce. Thus, PEOs require you to own a legal entity of your own in the region you intend to hire talent. 

If you do not own a legal entity in the country where you want to hire talent, it is much quicker and more affordable to partner with an EOR. For instance, Rapid is a trusted EOR with deep expertise in India. It enables you to hire and onboard the best Indian tech talent without the hassle of approvals and compliances that are part of the process of setting up one’s company in India. 

What are the Benefits of a PEO? 

PEOs serve as valuable partners for businesses by enhancing their HR capabilities, streamlining operations and letting companies focus on their core business objectives. 

Here are some key reasons why companies opt for PEO services:

  1. HR expertise
  2. Risk mitigation and compliance
  3. Administrative relief
  4. Access to benefits
  5. Cost savings
  6. Employee support

Let us now look at some of the best PEO firms to partner with:

19 Best PEO Services for HR Efficiency 

Whether you are a small startup, expanding mid-sized firm or an established enterprise, this list of the best 19 PEO services will help you choose the best PEO company for your needs.

1. Insperity 


Insperity is a leading PEO that specialises in providing comprehensive HR solutions to SMBs. With over 30 years of industry experience, the company is known for its commitment to helping businesses optimise their workforce and streamline HR processes.

It offers PEO services like payroll administration, employee benefits management, HR consulting, risk management and employee training and development. It also provides access to advanced HR technology tools for efficient management and a personalised approach to HR, tailoring solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. 

Pricing: Request a quote


  • Dedicated support through HR specialists
  • Expertise in regulatory compliance


  • Higher costs compared to some competitors
  • Requires a minimum contract length of one year

2. TriNet 


TriNet is a renowned PEO that specialises in providing HR solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. With a focus on technology-driven HR services, it aims to empower businesses to attract and retain top talent while effectively managing HR processes.

It offers payroll administration, benefits administration, HR consulting, risk management, compliance support and cloud-based HR technology solutions. Its technology-driven approach, providing businesses with intuitive HR platforms for streamlined management and employee self-service is its unique selling point.

Pricing: Request a quote


  • Scalable pricing model suitable for growing businesses
  • Dedicated support from HR experts
  • Compliance support and risk management expertise


  • Long-term contract commitment required
  • Mixed experiences with customer service
  • Does not offer hands-on, personalised support

3. ADP TotalSource 

ADP totalsource

ADP TotalSource offers comprehensive HR solutions to businesses of all sizes. With its extensive industry experience and global presence, the company aims to simplify HR processes and provide businesses with the tools and expertise needed for success.

It offers a wide array of HR services, including payroll administration, benefits administration, HR compliance, risk management, employee training and development and HR consulting. 

Pricing: Request a quote


  • Compliance assistance to ensure legal adherence
  • Technology integration for streamlined processes


  • Potential room for improvement in customer support
  • Learning curve due to extensive features
  • Limitations in customisation and flexibility for tailoring HR processes and policies to specific business needs

4. Justworks 


Justworks provides comprehensive HR and payroll solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. It offers a range of services, including payroll processing, benefits administration, compliance assistance, HR support and employee onboarding.

Pricing: Plans starting from $59/ month for basic plan, $99/ month for plus plan. Check more here.


  • Transparent pricing plans for effective budgeting
  • Access to a wide range of employee benefits
  • Compliance support to ensure adherence to HR regulations


  • Limited international coverage beyond the United States
  • Occasional challenges in customer support availability
  • Integration limitations with third-party applications

5. Amplify PEO 

Amplify PEO

Amplify PEO specialises in delivering tailored HR solutions to businesses across various industries. It offers services such as payroll management, HR administration, risk management, employee benefits and compliance support.

Pricing: Request a quote


  • Access to comprehensive employee benefits and insurance packages
  • Scalable solutions for growing businesses
  • Customisable payroll services tailored to business needs


  • Limited availability in certain geographic regions
  • Additional fees for certain specialised services

6. GenesisHR 


GenesisHR is a leading PEO that offers comprehensive HR solutions to businesses of all sizes. They have a strong reputation for their expertise and client-focused approach. It provides a wide range of services, including payroll administration, employee benefits management, risk management, compliance support and HR consulting.

Pricing: Request a quote


  • Comprehensive employee benefits administration
  • Efficient payroll and tax management services
  • Dedicated customer support for timely assistance


  • Limited customisation options for unique business requirements
  • Integration with certain third-party systems may require additional configuration and setup

7. Globalization Partners 

Globalization Partners 

Globalization Partners is a PEO specialising in global expansion and managing international HR operations. It helps businesses navigate the complexities of global workforce management. Its services include international payroll, global benefits administration, HR compliance, employee onboarding and local legal and tax expertise.

Pricing: Request a quote


  • Simplified onboarding and payroll administration for remote teams
  • Good customer service and prompt issue resolution


  • Variations in service quality based on locations
  • Not suitable for businesses operating within a single country

8. CoAdvantage 


CoAdvantage is a trusted PEO that provides HR solutions to small and mid-sized businesses across various industries. It offers tailored services to meet unique business needs. Its services encompass payroll processing, benefits administration, HR consulting, risk management, compliance support and employee training.

Pricing: Request a quote


  • Regulatory compliance assistance
  • Dedicated customer service and responsive support


  • Some users reported occasional delays in response times
  • May not be suitable for very small businesses (10> employees) with minimal HR needs

9. Paychex


Paychex is a leading provider of human resources, payroll, benefits administration and other business solutions for small to mid-sized businesses. It offers comprehensive HR services, including payroll processing, tax administration, employee benefits, HR administration, time and attendance tracking and risk and compliance management.

Pricing: Request a quote


  • Timely and accurate processing of employee benefits
  • Responsive customer support and assistance


  • Limited customisation options for specific business needs, such as industry-specific compliance, specialised reporting or specific HR workflows.
  • Onboarding process may require additional time and effort to gather comprehensive employee data, coordinate with departments and set up customised payroll and benefits systems
  • Certain features, such as specialised reporting, applicant tracking systems or HR analytics, may require additional fees or upgrades

10. Papaya Global  

Papaya Global  

Papaya Global is a global workforce management platform that simplifies and centralises international payroll, compliance and employee data management. Its services include global payroll management, global workforce management, compliance and risk management, employee benefits administration and HR analytics.

Pricing: Packages starting from $3/month per employee for global payroll and payments platform. Check detailed pricing here.


  • Advanced technology like automated workflows, digital document management, electronic signature capabilities and integration with other HR systems for efficient employee onboarding and compliance
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities
  • Dedicated customer support and assistance


  • Availability of certain services and features may vary by country, such as
  • Payroll management tailored to local regulations
  • Customised benefits administration based on country-specific requirements.
  • HR compliance support for employment laws and regulations
  • Time and Attendance Tracking ensuring compliance with local labour regulations
  • Country-specific HR reporting and analytics for data-driven insights
  • Customisation options may require additional setup and configuration
  • Limited integration options with some local payroll providers

11. Infiniti HR 

Infiniti HR 

Infiniti HR is a full-service human resources outsourcing firm that offers a range of HR solutions to help businesses effectively manage their workforce. It provides services such as payroll processing, employee benefits administration, HR consulting, risk management, compliance assistance and technology solutions.

Pricing: Request a quote


  • Personalised HR consulting and support
  • Technology solutions, such as payroll processing, time and attendance tracking, benefits administration, applicant tracking system (ATS) and employee self-service portals, to streamline HR processes


  • Primarily serves businesses in the United States, and its availability may be limited in certain states or regions outside of the country
  • Pricing structure may not be suitable for small businesses with tight budgets
  • Fewer integration options with third-party software systems

12. HROne 


HROne is a cloud-based HR and payroll platform that offers features such as employee self-service, attendance management, payroll processing, leave management and performance management. 

Pricing: Request a quote


  • User-friendly interface and intuitive HR management features
  • Robust employee self-service portal for streamlined HR processes
  • Responsive customer support and timely issue resolution 


  • Limited customization options for specific business requirements
  • Integration with third-party systems can be challenging (e.g., ATS, accounting software)
  • Pricing is not be suitable for small businesses with tight budgets

13. Alphastaff 


Alphastaff is a PEO that specialises in HR outsourcing and administrative services for small-to-midsize services. It offers HR administration, employee benefits administration, payroll processing, risk management and compliance support.

Pricing: Request a quote


  • Streamlined payroll and benefits administration
  • Expertise in compliance and risk management
  • Scalable solutions tailored to specific industry needs for sectors such as healthcare, hospitality, retail, manufacturing and professional services
  • Access to a nationwide network of HR professionals across the United States


  • Not ideal for larger enterprises with complex HR requirements
  • Occasional delays in customer support response
  • Occasional discrepancies in payroll processing

14. Talent500 


Talent500 is an international PEO that specialises in providing talent acquisition and workforce solutions. It assists businesses in sourcing and hiring top tech talent around the world, handling candidate screening, onboarding and compliance.

Pricing: It offers transparent packages, costing companies equivalent to cost of talent plus $599/employee/month


  • Streamlined hiring process and access to qualified candidates


  • Focuses primarily on tech talent acquisition, which may not suit businesses in non-tech industries
  • Inconsistent customer support responsiveness varies

15. Velocity Global 

Velocity Global 

Velocity Global is an international PEO that helps businesses expand globally by providing streamlined international employment solutions. They specialise in international employee leasing, global HR services and compliant payroll solutions.

It offers PEO services like international employee onboarding and management, payroll administration, HR support, legal compliance and risk management. They assist companies in navigating complex international employment laws and regulations.

Pricing: Request a quote


  • Simplified international expansion and compliant employment
  • Flexible and scalable solutions for diverse workforce needs, such as language, culture, benefits, flexibility and inclusion
  • Access to local in-country expertise and knowledge


  • May not be suitable for companies with a focus on a single country or region
  • Additional services beyond PEO may come at an extra cost, such as immigration support, payroll processing and HR consulting

16. Deel 


Deel is a PEO platform that offers employment solutions for remote teams and global expansion. It facilitates compliant international employment and provides a streamlined platform for managing global payroll and contractors. Its services include global compliance, contract creation and management, international payroll, tax support and benefits administration. They simplify the process of hiring and managing remote employees across different countries. 

Pricing: It has both free and paid packages starting from $49/month. It also offers custom packages to suit business needs. Check detailed pricing here.


  • Efficient contract and document management features
  • Easy to use and reliable


  • Limited integrations with other HR systems, such as BambooHR, Gusto, Zenefits and ADP
  • Fewer customisation options for contract templates
  • Mobile app functionality can be improved

Related Read : Learn more about Rapid vs Deel .

17. ResourcingEdge 


ResourcingEdge is a comprehensive HR outsourcing and PEO service provider. It offers a range of solutions to help businesses streamline their HR processes and optimise workforce management. It provides services such as payroll administration, HR compliance, employee benefits management, risk management and HR consulting. It tailors its solutions to meet the specific needs of each client.

Pricing: Request a quote


  • Flexible service options
  • Dedicated HR support for improved employee management


  • Additional fees for certain specialised services, including tailored consulting, employee training programs or customised HR solutions based on unique business requirements
  • Customer support response time can vary
  • Limited online resources for self-service HR management

18. Horizons Global PEO 

Horizons Global PEO 

Horizons Global PEO is a global PEO that specialises in providing HR solutions and PEO services to businesses expanding internationally. It helps companies streamline their global workforce management and ensure compliance with local employment regulations.

It offers a range of services, including global employee onboarding, payroll management, tax compliance, benefits administration and risk management. They provide support throughout the entire employee lifecycle, from hiring to termination, making it easier for businesses to manage their global workforce.

Pricing: It offers contractors package for $49/ month and EOR package from $299/ month. It provides custom packages for enterprises, check here


  • Extensive global PEO solutions for international expansion
  • High-quality customer support and responsive service
  • Emphasis on compliance, reducing the risk of legal and regulatory issues


  • Occasional delays in response time
  • Contract management and communication can be improved

19. Rippling


Rippling provides a modern and user-friendly platform that integrates payroll, benefits, compliance and employee onboarding into a single system.

Its PEO services include employee benefits administration, payroll management, tax compliance, time tracking and HR analytics. Their platform simplifies and automates these processes, reducing administrative burdens for businesses.

Pricing: It offers packages starting from $8/ month per user. For detailed pricing, check here


  • User-friendly interface and intuitive user experience
  • Access to a range of benefits, including health insurance and retirement plans


  • Some users find the initial setup process complex (due to factors such as the need to configure multiple settings, import employee data and establish integrations with other systems)
  • Occasional delays in customer support response
  • Limited customisation options for certain features, such as certain aspects of employee data management, benefits configuration or performance tracking
  • Integration limitations with certain third-party applications, such as Google suite, Paypal, Slack, Trello etc. Check all the integrations here.

How Do You Pick a PEO?

PEO means losing control over HR functions.

PEOs are only suitable for large corporations.

PEO is expensive and only feasible for companies with large budgets.

Common misconceptions about PEOs like these can often deter companies from considering their benefits and hinder their ability to make informed decisions. 

Here is a five-step process to help you pick the right PEO:

1. Conducting online research: Explore the websites, read about their services and understand their areas of expertise. Consider the following factors to pick the right option: 

  • Business needs assessment
  • Services and offerings
  • Industry expertise and experience
  • Reputation and client feedback
  • Technology and integration capabilities
  • Compliance and risk management
  • Cost analysis and return on investment
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Service level agreements and contract terms
  • Implementation and onboarding process
  • Employee support and HR services
  • Customer support and relationship management

2. Gathering recommendations and referrals: Seek recommendations from other business owners or industry professionals who have experience working with PEOs. Their insights can provide valuable guidance in selecting the right PEO for your specific needs.

3. Reviewing marketing materials: Look for information on their track record, industry experience, client base and service offerings. This will help you assess their credibility and determine if they align with your business requirements.

4. Assessing client testimonials and case studies: Real-life experiences from their clients can provide insights into the quality of their services and the outcomes they have delivered.

5. Seeking industry expertise and insights: Reach out to industry experts, HR consultants or business associations that specialise in HR outsourcing. Their expertise and insights can help you navigate the PEO landscape, understand industry trends and identify reputable PEO providers.

Exploring Alternatives: Is PEO the Right Choice? 

If a PEO does not quite suit your business needs, here are some alternatives:

  1. Employer of Record (EOR): An EOR is a service provider that takes legal responsibility for employing workers on behalf of a company. They handle payroll, benefits, taxes and compliance, allowing businesses to expand internationally without setting up legal entities in each country.
  1. HR Outsourcing: HR outsourcing involves partnering with a third-party provider to handle various HR functions. This can include payroll processing, benefits administration, employee onboarding, compliance management and more. Outsourcing HR tasks allows businesses to focus on core operations while ensuring efficient and compliant HR operations.
  1. HR Software and Technology Platforms: HR software and technology platforms offer digital solutions for managing HR processes, such as payroll, employee data management, performance management and recruitment. These platforms streamline HR operations, improve data accuracy, enhance employee self-service and provide analytics for better decision-making. They automate repetitive tasks and increase efficiency within HR departments.

You can choose the apt solution depending on your business needs. We recommend weighing each option based on factors, such as business goals, budget, desired level of control and the complexity of HR functions. 

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